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Eleonore Camstra


Born 1953 in Zeist, the Netherlands.

Academy of Art in Amersfoort.
Specialising in ceramics and sculpture.
After the Academy worked for over a year in the Ceramic Work Centre in Heusden as a stipendiary.
In 1981 worked with Jose Vermeersch, again at the Ceramic Work Centre in Heusden and again as a stipendiary.
Since 1981 own studio.

Materials and techniques

The glazed, colored ceramics are made by hand from sheets of stoneware clay. These sheets are partly colored with pigments.
The works are glazed and fired in an electric kiln to 1200º C. For some forms lustres are used.

The monochrome terra cotta ceramics are made from sheets of earthenware-clay and polished with a little stone. The works are fired in an electric kiln to 850º C.
Some pieces are burned in an open fire and reduced, so they become vivid black.

There are also works made in moulds. They are glazed, monochrome and fired tot 1200ºC. in an electric kiln.

Work in the collection of

-Museum Boymans-Van Beuningen, Rotterdam
-Museum "Het Princessehof", Leeuwarden (Dutch Ceramic Museum)
-The Municipal Museum of Arnhem
-European Ceramic Work Centre, 's-Hertogenbosch
-Art Foundation Gelderland
-The Veste Coburg Museum, Coburg (Germany)
-The Keramion Museum, Frechen (Germany)
-Dr.Jur. Hans Thiemann, Hamburg (Germany)
-Gebauer, Berlin (Germany)
-Benno Premsela, Amsterdam
-Van Achterberg, Amstelveen
-Fuchs, Heemskerk
-Spruit-Ledeboer, Oosterbeek
-Museum Bellerive, Zürich (Switzerland)
-Museum “Grimmerhus”, Middelfart (Denmark)
-Ichon World Ceramic Center (Korea)

- In various private collections in Holland, Germany, Norway, England ,the United States of
America , and Taiwan.

Wing Shaped vase

Wing Shaped vase

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