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Welcome to all who might feel a bit RetroMinded.

We are specialized in ceramics, from around 1880 until this present day.
Beautiful Art Nouveau and Art Deco items, studio pottery and a large scale of West German Pottery (WGP) from 1950 – 1980, and stunning pottery by master potter Thomas Kummer, who is collected by people like Swarovski and several Royal families in Europe and sold by no one less than Christian Dior in Paris.

We also have lamp bases,wall plaques,tiles, candle holders and ashtray's. Every item is well photographed from all possible directions, to show you how beautiful these items can be.

Have fun in your search for some beautiful items that we have for sale on

This website will be updated daily with new exciting items, to stimulate your search for beauty !

We also held a stunning exhibition about German Ceramics in June 18th 2011 in Amsterdam, here is the link to the old poster

We found some interesting links with more information on stunning pottery. You can find them on the links page.

Emiel Monnink

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